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Scholarship Search Site Snapshot:

  • Cost: Free.
  • Access: Total access to need based and academic scholarships.
  • Scholarship Search Login: Required, and takes a lot of personal details. Profile application form contains ads.
  • Information Security: Maybe. They claim not to spam too heavily, but they also state that they need the revenue from ads to keep the site running, which means at least a little spam.
  • Custom scholarship search results: No. You can do a keyword search, nothing more.
  • Scholarship Information Organization: Decent. You can narrow it down by a few categories, plus a general search. But there is no real organization that you can do on the results you get.
  • Direct links to scholarship sites: Yes. With most scholarships, you click on the title given in the online listing, and then it immediately links you to the scholarship's own page.
  • Quantity of Scholarships: Impressive. There were over a thousand scholarships for college students offered.
  • Tip: Look before you click! Be sure that you haven't left any boxes checked that might indicate you want any spam email. The application process can be tricky; review it before you finalize.
Search Scholarships

Finding College Scholarships on Scholarship Search was one of the first internet scholarship money search sites, and it looks the part. The design is not flashy, but you do get the kind of good, solid service that is lacking in some of the other sites that help you find scholarships for college students. There is also a lot of other information available, making it a good overall resource.

The initial process of registration isn't terribly time consuming, but it also wasn't the easiest process to go through. It feels more commercial than some, and also less in-depth. But in the end, given the lack of personalization in the scholarship money search results, the lack of depth in the form doesn't really surprise.

The scholarship information is extensive and links easily to the websites of the individual scholarships for college students. They don't offer very many options for searching and organizing the content, however. Whereas other scholarship money search sites allow you to organize via a particular criteria - say, due date from soonest to furthest away, or alphabetically by type - just lists them flat out. You can look at them according to broadly defined types, but there is nothing as detailed as I have seen elsewhere. The keyword search is decent, but doesn't leave much room for comparison or contrasts.

The lack of organization doesn't mean that has bad scholarships for college students. In fact, the selection is great and the listings offer detail - it's just that it takes a while to sort through them. We recommend keeping a document open on your computer and just entering in the name and website of each scholarship that you find interesting. It may seem tedious in the short run, but in the long run it beats having to sort through this entire website again. Alternatively, you could print out the entire list of scholarships and then go through them manually with a highlighter.

If you're looking for more than just scholarships for college students, has that too. They can help you with your college search, your first year supplies, travel, loans, admissions test prep, and more. One catch: the links they provide for all those areas are almost 100% sponsors who pay to get listed on the website. There is nothing wrong with buying from them, but check around first to be sure you're getting the lowest prices.

On a final note, steer away from the student credit card offers they run. Students using credit cards without a stable source of income is a recipe for disaster: DON'T be tempted to try using credit cards in place of student loans, or using them to live above your means. Use this site to search scholarships for college students and get scholarship money, but don't be distracted by the ads!

Free Scholarship Guide Overall Rating

Free Scholarship Guide review rating

Free Scholarship Guide Overview

One of the oldest and most relied-upon scholarship money searches around. If you're looking for scholarships for college students, you'll do well to look here. If you are pressed for time, look elsewhere: the lack of search options on the scholarship money listed here makes it difficult to look for scholarships for college students quickly. But if you have a bit of time, is definitely worth a look.